Smile or Rainbow, what's your choice?

rainbow smile










We can say that Smile and Rainbow are our signature designs at ABODE.

These two designs have been overwhelmingly loved by our Korean customers.

Probably it's because they are friendly designs for both kids and adults.

(My child draws the rainbow like more than ten times every day. Really! haha)













I found a very interesting thing regarding customers who have ordered the items with this two designs.

It's quite obviously divided into two groups; Smile group and Rainbow group.

That is, quite many of customers only order smile design or rainbow design. I mean, there were not many of them who ordered both designs together. 

(Very a few of them choose both :) )












So I was thinking what if we design and launch a new item with a smile face on the rainbow.. Would they like it or not? It sounds quite challenging haha


Now I want to ask you.... Smile or Rainbow for you? 

For me... I think I'll choose Smile just because... Smile is always right! 😊






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